Контейнеровоз Nyk TritonКоды языков - короткие алфавитные или цифровые коды, разработанные для представления языков в обработке данных и коммуникациях.

Разработано несколько различных систем, наиболее известная из которых - ISO 639.


ISO 639

Этот стандарт определяет коды большинства языков:

ISO 639-1 (1998) содержит 2-буквенные сокращения;

ISO 639-2 (2002) содержит 3-буквенные сокращения;

ISO 639-3 (2007) - 3-буквенные сокращения;


Двухбуквенные коды в большинстве своём совпадают с кодами, используемыми в других классификаторах, например:

коды стран по ISO 3166-1,

коды валют по ISO 4217,

доменные имена верхнего уровня стран (ccTLD) в Интернете - с небольшими разночтениями.

AAIC Accounting Authority Identification Code
AC Alternating Current
ADE Above Deck Equipment
AF Audio Frequency
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AM Amplitude Modulation
AMVER Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System
AOR-E Atlantic Ocean Region (East)
AOR-W Atlantic Ocean Region (West)
ARCC Aeronautical Rescue Coordinating Centre
ARQ Automatic Repetition reQuest
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
AUSREP AMVER, operated by the Australian Authorities
A1A Continuous wave telegraphy, Morse code
A2A Telegraphy by the on-off a tone modulated carrier, Morse code: double sideband
A3A Telephony using amplitude modulation: double sideband
BBER Bulletin Board Error Rate
BDE Below Deck Equipment
CC Coast Charge
CCIR International Radio Consultative Committee
CCITT International Consultative Committee for Telegraph and Telephone
CEPT Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications administrations
CES Coast Earth Station (Inmarsat)
Ch Channel
CQ General call to all stations
CSS Coordinator Surface Search
DE Signal used in Morse telegraphy meaning «THIS IS...»
DF Direction Finder
DSC Digital Selective Calling
EGC Enhanced Group Call (Inmarsat)
EPIRB Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
FAX Facsimile
FEC Forward Error Correction
FM Frequency Modulation
FSK Frequency Shift Keying
F1B Telegraphy using frequency modulation (telex)
F3E Telephony using frequency modulation
GA+ Go Ahead (telex)
GF Gold Frank
GHz GigaHertz
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GOC General Operator's Certificate
GPS Global Positioning System
G3E Telephony using phase modulation
HF High Frequency (3÷30 MHz)
HSD High Speed Data
H2A Telegraphy by the on-off keying of a tone modulated carrier, Morse code: single sideband, full carrier
H3E Telephone using amplitude modulation: single sideband, full carrier
IBM International Business Machines
IC Integrated Circuit
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
IF Intermediate Frequency
IHO International Hydrographic Organization
IMN Inmarsat Mobile Number
IMO International Maritime Organization
INMARSAT INternational MARitime SATellite organization
IOR Indian Ocean Region
ITA2 International Telegraph Alphabet 2
ITU International Telecommunication Union
J3E Telephone using amplitude modulation: single sideband suppressed carrier
JASREP AMVER, operated by the Japanese Authorities
KHz KiloHertz
КОСПАС/SARSAT Космическая Система Поиска Аварийных Судов/Search And Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
kW KiloWatt
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LES Land Earth Station
LL LandLine charge
LMES Land-Mobile Earth Station
LSB Lower Side Band
LUT Local User Terminal (КОСПАС/SARSAT system)
MCC Mission Control Centre (КОСПАС/SARSAT system)
MERSAR MERchant ship Search And Rescue manual
MES Mobile Earth Station
Mf Medium Frequency (300÷3000 kHz)
MHz MegaHertz
MID Maritime Identification Digits
MMSI Maritime Mobile Service Identities
MRCC Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC)
MS-DOS MicroSoft Disk Operating System
MSI Maritime Safety Information
NAVAREA NAVigational AREA - short title of an area in the wold-wide navigational warning service
NAVTEX NAVigational TEleX
NBDP Narrow-Band Direct Printing
NCS Network Co-ordination Station (Inmarsat)
NM Nautical Mile
NOC Network Operation Centre (Inmarsat)
OBS Prefix for Meteorological telegrams
OCC Operations Control Centre
OSC On-Scene Commander
PC Personal Computer
PCR Programmable Communication Processor
POR Pacific Ocean Region
PRN PriNter
PSDN Packet Switched Data Network
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
R3E Telephony using amplitude modulation: single sideband, reduced carrier
RAM Random Access Memory
RCC Rescue Coordinating Centre (MRCC)
ROC Restricted Operator's Certificate
ROM Read Only Memory
RT Radio Telephony
RTM Radio Telex Modem
RX Receiver
SAR Search And Rescue
SARSAT Search And Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
SART Search And Rescue Transponder
SCANCOMM Skanti Computerized Advanced Node for Communicating Maritime Messages
SDR Special Drawing Right
SelCal Selective Calling
SelFEC Selective Forward Error Correction (telex)
SKANTI SKANdinavisk TeleIndustry
SES Ship Earth Station
SOLAS Safety Of Life At Sea
SS Ship Station charge (Mobile station charge)
SSB Single Side Band
TEL TELephone (voice) transmission via PSTN
TELEX TELegraphic EXchange
TLX store-and-forward TeLeX
TOR Telex Over Radio
TRP Transmitter Receiver Power supply
TV TeleVision
TX Transmitter, Transmission
UHF Ultra High Frequency
USB Upper Side Band
UTC Universal Coordinated Time
VBTLX Voice Bank and TeLeX transmission via PSTN and TELEX
VHF Very High Frequency (30÷300 MHz)
VTS Vessel Traffic Service
W Watt
WARC World Administrative Radio Conference
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WRU Who aRe yoU? (telex)
WT Wireless Telegraphy (Morse)
WWNWS World Wide Navigational Service
Wx Weather


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